In Denver, teachers staged a protest, which lasted three days and ended after an agreement was reached between the Teachers Association and public schools.

The trade unions sought to raise the salaries of teachers. In accordance with the agreement, wages were raised by four percentage points and made changes to the bonus system.

The president of the Union of Teachers Henry Roman noted that the agreement is clear and accessible to both – teachers and students.

Juliya Cordova says that she is pleased to achieve a compromise and to establish joint work between the Association of Teachers and public schools. “Increasing teachers’ salaries and changes in the system of priming are profitable investments in the education system as a whole,”- she says.

The agreement will take effect after the majority of union members and the school committee will vote for it.In Oakland, California, on February 4, teachers announced a strike, but a specific date was not set. 

Almost a year after the strike of teachers in West Virginia in connection with the controversial bill On education teachers intend to arrange a new strike.

College graduation rate during eight years

The National Clearing House published the percentage of college graduates (for two- and four-year schools) measured in the last eight years instead of the usual six years. These two years showed an increase in the graduation of students by five per cent, and for students from Latin America – by eight per cent, however, the level of students who have not graduated educational institution remained the same – forty per cent.

Factors that negatively affect pupil school attendance

An analysis at Johns Hopkins University shows that living or crossing a district with a high criminal level negatively affects the percentage of students attending school. Professor Juliya Budrik-Will, together with her team, came to such conclusions based on a study of the influence of crime rates on pupils’ visits to schools, conducted in Baltimore. The lead author of the study notes that the transport system also affects this indicator. “Sometimes children are not to blame for not being able to get into school”-says Burdik-Will. The professor notes that each school should pay great attention to how to attract children to study in it. The analysis carried out by the Urban Institute showed the given below results – black-skinned children attend schools located farther from their home, in comparison with white-skinned children.

For example, in Baltimore, children spend a little more than half an hour on their way to school using only one transfer.

New design school uniform

A new collection of uniforms for the African school in Chicago was presented by couturier Desmont Ousu. He said that his program called “we real cool” helps students develop a sense of pride and cohesion, increase self-esteem and ambition. The designer conducted an experiment that wanted to turn the boring and uninteresting uniform into a bright and unique, for which he received a grant. But he does not want to stop and continues to raise money to create a new collection. Owus wants to make a gift for students in the uniform from his design collection for the new school year. He plans to arrange a defile with students clothes from his collection.